When a death occurs, in Europe or on the other side of the world, you may need assistance …

With the increase in international trade in recent years people are making far more business trips, while improvements in the standard of living have resulted in leisure, particularly travel, becoming much more important. The risk of death far from home, whatever accidental or natural, is an increasing probability.

The need to repatriate bodies is becoming increasingly frequent. To deal with these obvious difficulties, LANEX GROUP Ltd. - BULGARIAN REPATRIATION CENTER - B.R.C. set up a human remains repatriation assistance platform in 1993. Formed by multilingual professionals from the Funeral, Insurance and Medical Sector, LANEX GROUP Ltd.- B.R.C manages, organizes and coordinates the links in the repatriation chain in whole or in part.

Wherever the place of death, LANEX GROUP Ltd. - BULGARIAN REPATRIATION CENTER - B.R.C. Intervenes immediately and decides what is required.
We provide:

  • Planning of the Estimates for Repatriation
  • Immediate contact and payment of funds
  • Experts opinion and qualified decision
  • Repatriation of vehicles and people
  • Repatriation of deceased
  • Verification of documents and investigation of insurance frauds
  • All kind of lifestyle assistance covered.
  • Extended Warranty administration
  • Notary certification of documents
  • Legal assistance and protection
  • Specialized translations and authority formalities clearance
  • Certification of documents in all Bulgarian state institutions and foreign agencies and consulates in the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Certification with Apostile by “Consulate relation”” department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Delivery of the certified documents by electronic mail, fax or by courier service
  • Complete Medical and Funeral service
  • Auto-transportation
  • Air-transportation
  • Flight plan from/ to any Domestic and International Airport
  • Customs Formalities
  • International paper formalities
  • Foreign Embassy and Consulate Contact
  • Meeting the family
  • Hospital, Police and Prosecutor Office Contact
  • Updates at all stages of the process
  • Rapid repatriation time scales
  • Fixed competitive prices

LANEX GROUP ltd. - B.R.C. Team analyses the local legislation, coordinates relations with official departments, estimates the repatriation time, costs, etc.

S e v e n    d a y s    a    w e e k,

LANEX GROUP ltd. BULGARIAN REPATRIATION CENTERL handles your repatriation operations down to the last detail.

This is our profession
            To assist you at such times

1. FUNERAL AND INSURANCE ASSISTANCE: Worldwide funeral assistance and repatriation services from and to all countries. Owns and manages funeral homes.
Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 365 days a year!

2. AIR SERVICE: European reservations and airport information center for the transport of human remains by airplanes. Air tickets for accompanying persons and Cargo Consignment. IATA Member. Licensed tour - operator. Licensed Insurance Agent.

3. AUTO SERVICE Auto transportation to and from any part of Europe by specialized cars-hearses. Licensed Agent for Domestic and International Road Transport.

4. CONTACT WITH LOCAL AUTHORITIES and FOREIGN MISSIONS: Consulting, Advising and Information services for funeral formalities and legislation in all countries.

5. NETWORK: International network of agents throughout the world. Licensed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Translating Agency – we speak 36 languages.

Established in 2004 and using the experience of its staff since 1993, LANEX GROUP Ltd. is the BEST PROVIDER FOR BULGARIA and in the TOP 10 WORLDWIDE REPATRIATION SPECIALIST

Established to serve people “LANEX GROUP” Ltd.- B.R.C. Manages to cover all activities related with people trips and incidents may occurred:

  • Tourist services - travel, accommodation, reservations, insurances and assistance
  • Airplane, Ferry and bus tickets, auto and cargo transportation
  • Certifications & Legalizations, express translations from & to all languages
  • Medical and funeral repatriations

“LANEX GROUP” Ltd. (VAT Nr. BG131251706) offers and provides services for human remains cremation in Bulgaria or for repatriation abroad from any City in Bulgaria to any City in Europe, Asia and America. We cover whole country.


  • 1. Set of coffins
  • 2. Translation and legalization of documents
  • 3. Administrative expenses for documents required
  • 4. Customs' expenses
  • 5. Sealing the iron coffin
  • 6. Body Treatment: Partial or full Embalming
  • 7. Dressing/Body bag
  • 8. Cool chamber storage
  • 10. Loading/unloading, handling
  • 11. Internal Transport
  • 12. Cargo consignment - coffin or plus personal effects
  • AWB # or another transport document


    • - Simple Coffin and plastic urn with container
    • - Municipal and Crematorium fees
    • - Storage up to time of cremation
    • - Cremation
    • - Urn plate
    • - Wooden/ Plastic box for transportation by any type of transport
    • - Custom expenses
    • - Permit for export abroad
  • 2. Accompanying Documentation (Permits, Verification, Translation & legalization)
  • 3. Administrative services, coffin and body preparation, Customs Permits for urn with ashes delivery
  • 4. Transport from the place of death to Sofia Crematorium
  • 5. Transport to the Cargo Carrier at the airport of departure
  • 6. Others – ritual in Funeral Home, Chapel or Church.
  • 7. Cargo consignment – UPS or TNT delivery of the urn with ashes


  • 1. Services at the Airport or Border
  • 2. Transport by special transport
  • 3. Translation and legalization of documents
  • 4. Legal and Medical Support
  • 5. Administrative Services